Inside Jones School Post Katrina

Keith Plessy in front of his civil rights paintings inside Valena C. Jones Elementary School in 2015.

Plessy Day 2015

Plessy Day Weekend 2015


Thank you all for coming to Plessy Weekend, and making the 6th annual celebration a success.  Also many thanks to those who shared stories, spoke out about their experiences, and participated in the screenings on Press st.  We hope to see you again next year

Photos from Plessy Day 2015

AP Tureaud, Jr. joined us remotely to speak about the significance of the naming of schools, history, and the future of New Orleans’ public education.

50th Anniversary of the Desegregation of New Orleans Public Schools

50th Anniversary of the Desegregation of New Orleans Public Schools


On November 14th, 2010, the 50th Anniversary of the Integration of the public elementary schools in New Orleans, with the generous support of citizens from all around the United States, a marker was placed in the 5900 block of Saint Claude Avenue across the street from the McDonough # 19 elementary school, in the ninth ward, one of two schools that were desegregated on that day in 1960.

In September of 1952, Thurgood Marshall and Robert Carter of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and legendary attorney A.P. Tureaud, initiated a suit calling for the end of the segregated school system in Orleans Parish. The ceremony took place at approximately 9:00 am, the exact time the children were escorted into the school by federal marshals. The marker was placed at 5909 Saint Claude Avenue across the street from McDonogh #19 Elementary School.

At the ceremony was Gail Etienne, Leona Tate, and Tessie Prevost, the Marshals who escorted them into the school in 1960, and A.P. Tureaud Jr., Damon Hewitt of the Legal Defense Fund other distinguished guests.

Video of the 50th Anniversary Ceremony.