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    Integrating Public Schools in New Orleans 1960

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    Dedication of Plessy v. Ferguson Plaque 2009

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    March on Washington 2014

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    Dedication of Integration of New Orleans Public Schools Plaque 2010

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    Phoebe Ferguson and Keith Plessy 2009

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    Keith Plessy in front of his drawings inside Valena C. Jones School 2015

The Plessy and Ferguson Foundation was created by descendants and direct descendants of the protagonists in the legal case (Plessy v. Ferguson) in which the United States Supreme Court in 1896 held that racially separate but equal public facilities were compatible with the US Constitution. Eventually, the US Supreme Court reversed that position in Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. The descendants of Plessy and Ferguson have created the Foundation to perpetuate the truth that the doctrine of separat but equal is inherently unequal when decisions are made based on race.