The primary mission of the Plessy and Ferguson Foundation is to teach the history of the Plessy v. Ferguson case and why it is still relevant today.

Education – The Foundation develops Public Programs that bring discussion, debate and understanding on the subject of civil rights to communities.  These  programs often include teachers, activists, historians, filmmakers, writers, and descendants. We do work around the issues of equity and justice in public education in New Orleans, and nation-wide.

Preservation – Identifying historic sites that have not been significantly recognized by the State of Louisiana. Advocating for preservation and or public awareness of these sites as sacred spaces. Creating plaques and or monuments as well as printed materials that will bring public awareness to the sites and the historic significance to the community where they are located.

Outreach – Outreach projects vary but the objective will always be to connect communities to history in an effort to bring a greater understanding, respect, and vision for who we are today and who we can be tomorrow.